Our schedule

Get to know our schedules in more detail. At Bonza, we are open every
day of the week, from Monday to Saturday, so you can enjoy as
much Pilates Reformer as you want

If you have never practiced reformer pilates or if it has been more than 6 months since your last session, it is mandatory to start with our Fundamentals and Stretch classes and do a minimum of 5 or 10 classes before going to our Full Body, Cardio or Powerhouse class

Our classes


All the classes we offer are Pilates Reformer classes. We provide 5 different types of classes, always enhancing the essence of Pilates Reformer. Each class has a specific goal, and some require previous experience with the Reformer


Come and enjoy a stretching class and release stress while experiencing the benefits of Pilates Reformer. With proper alignment, muscle activation, and attention to breathing, you will improve flexibility, strength, and posture. Additionally, concentration and mind-body connection are promoted. Suitable for all levels, don’t miss out!


Our Cardio Reformer class is energetic, fun, and designed to maximize results to the rhythm of the music. Improve your mobility and strength while burning calories. Previous experience in reformer classes is recommended. Enjoy a fun cardio session to strengthen your body! Previous experience in other Pilates Reformer classes is required.

Full Body

Our Full Body class is a comprehensive workout focused on essential Pilates Reformer exercises. Work and activate all your muscles with adjustable resistance. This class is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their entire body in a balanced and effective way. Suitable for all levels. Discover the benefits of the Reformer in this class!


Our Fundamental class is perfect at any time, especially for beginners in Pilates. We focus on alignment, breathing, and muscle activation. It’s a key class to deepen the Pilates technic. Expert instructors guide you with personalized modifications. Strengthen your body, improve posture, and flexibility. Take the first steps towards a healthy and balanced life in this class!


The “powerhouse” in Pilates refers to the set of deep abdominal muscles, lower back, and glutes that provide stability and support to the entire body. This is what we work on in this class, taking advantage of the use and resistance of the springs to enhance muscle development and achieve greater strength. Push your limits and redefine your training. Previous experience in other Pilates Reformer classes is required.