Come to Bonza and enjoy our cozy Pilates studio in the heart of Sitges. Every detail of our facilities has been carefully selected to provide you with a unique experience. Come experience the essence of BONZA, to feel better and connect with yourself. You deserve it!



At Bonza, we are two founding partners, Clara and Olga, passionate about well-being and personal empowerment.

We met at a crucial moment in our lives when we were seeking a way to combine our skills and passions and that “I want more” from life. We decided to join forces with the purpose of creating a space where people can find balance in body and mind and discover their full potential.

Olga brings deep knowledge of the mind and body. Her passion is infectious, as is her desire to convey the values and benefits of Pilates to our clients. Olga started as a Pilates student over 10 years ago and quickly began training as an instructor, accumulating extensive experience in Pilates Reformer since then. She continues to further her education in the field of Biomechanics applied to Pilates. Her dedication is a constant source of inspiration for Bonza and our clients.

Clara is an entrepreneurial and creative mind. Her constant pursuit of well-being led her to discover Pilates, making it a fundamental part of her life. She has lived in different parts of the world, and it was in Thailand and Australia where she fell in love with the Reformer. Bonza represents the culmination of her business knowledge fused with her passion for mind and body care.

Both of us come from the business world, and we are united by our passion for Pilates and Yoga. Together, we merge our strengths and passions to bring Bonza to life, a space where well-being takes center stage. Our goal is to offer a welcoming and enriching place where you can find respite from the daily hustle and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Thank you for visiting us, and welcome to Bonza!


What is Bonza?

Bonza is an Australian word that means excellent, wonderful, amazing, and incredible. For us, it is essential to convey this energy in our studio, so that you feel good and enjoy our classes to the fullest with our reformers, instructors, music, and every detail that makes you live the Bonza experience.

Moreover, we aspire to create a community of powerful women, where each one discovers her inner strength and supports each other on the path to well-being. We want you to leave already looking forward to coming back and continuing to take care of your well-being in our cozy space.

At Bonza, we strive to provide you with an extraordinary experience and an environment that makes you feel unique. Join our community and discover the power of feeling Bonza in every moment!